Fall HitTrax Leagues (Baseball/Softball)

We are excited to announce REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN for our indoor baseball and softball leagues using the revolutionary and Hi-Tech HitTrax System! Our leagues will track standings and player stats, with players playing in a variety of MLB stadiums. Join up with your friends to form teams of between 4 and 6 players for our FALL HITTING LEAGUES that will start the week of September 9! This is an excellent opportunity for young ballplayers to hone their hitting skills in the offseason. The program will automatically call balls and strikes, advance baserunners and turn double plays! If you are unfamiliar with HitTrax or want to learn more about it, click here.
Each week teams will play two 7 inning games with a time limit of 30 minutes each, which means a fast-paced and exciting environment. The season will consist of six weeks of regular season with a final week being a tournament format to crown the League Champs. Bragging rights lasting all winter will be on the line! On deck teams will have cage time to warm up for upcoming games 30 minutes prior to their game time. Pitching in both cages will be provided by our 3-wheeled automatic pitching machine, which is quite accurate and consistent so that each player is getting the same opportunity to crush it! Weekly standings will be posted on the DK Sports website and on our Facebook page, as well as being displayed in the hitting area for all to see. Game nights may be adjusted subject to response, but presently we are planning the following:

Mondays 6:30 to 8:30: Middle School Softball
Tuesdays 6:30 to 8:30: Middle School Baseball
Wednesdays 6:30 to 8:30: Elementary School Baseball
Thursdays 6:30 to 8:30: Adult Baseball
Saturdays 1:00 to 4:00: High School Softball
Saturdays 4:00 to 8:00: High School Baseball

The price for 7 weeks of hitting is $60/player. We hope that you believe as we do that it is a pretty reasonable investment in your kids for what works out to be over 10 hours of off-season climate-controlled batting cage time. With limited slots for leagues, please don’t delay so you can be assured a slot.
Click here to sign up (select Camps/Classes page from the Scheduling header, then click on your age group for baseball or softball), or you can call us at 785-922-4026 to register. And you can always drop in and register in person – we’d love to see you and show you around!
If you are unable to participate in the leagues, you can still come by and rent the HitTrax cage with the pitching machine for $30 per half hour or $40 for an hour.

Off-Season Arm Development Programs

Beginning in October 2019 and running through the first day of high school baseball practice, we will be administering an arm care and development program using many of the drills, exercises and programming utilized by today’s leading arm development experts, particularly Driveline Baseball. The off-season programming will be split into two sessions, both being 40 sessions lasting about one hour each. The program will typically require two to three sessions per week. The first program will run from October through late December and will consist of an on-ramping phase followed by a strategic velocity development training regimen. The second phase we offer, which can be done without completing the first phase, is designed to get our young pitchers ready for the grind of the upcoming baseball season. It will start the week after Christmas and run right up to the first day of high school baseball practice. In all, there are 80 sessions available and they are offered at 6:30am and 6:30pm. The cost of each 40-session program is $200. This works out to $5/session. Click here to sign up.

Weekly After School Youth Clinics

For the Fall 2019, we are offering youth hitting clinics from 3:30 to 5pm each Wednesday. You child does not have to be there right at 3:30 to participate. The cost is $10/clinic. Sign up for as many or as few as you like – whatever fits your schedule. Click here to sign up.

Saturday Morning Youth Mini-Camps

For Fall 2019, we are offering bi-weekly mini-camps. Hitting, fielding and throwing mechanics will be incorporated into each session. Mini-camps will be every other Saturday morning from 10:00 to Noon, beginning September 12 and ending December 19.  We will need a minimum of 4 players for these mini-camps. We must have at least 4 registrants at least 2 days in advance of each mini-camp.  As with our after-school clinics, you can sign up for whichever mini-camps fit your family’s schedule. Click here to sign up.