You’ve heard the saying “couples who play together, stay together.” Well, here at DK Sports & Fitness, we believe that communities who exercise together, improve their well-being together! Being a part of a fitness community can help you establish a routine and stick to it and provides a level of accountability that training alone could never bring about. The relationships you build can add the element of purpose to your workouts and typically increase the intensity of your workout, yielding better results. Come be a part of the Fitness Community at DK Sports & Fitness by participating in our group fitness classes! You do not need to be a member of DK to participate in any of our classes. Scroll down to read what participants have said about our classes!

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WHO – Options, modifications and progressions can be provided for all fitness levels!

WHAT – In these classes, you will experience a variety of cardiovascular and strength exercises to help you get fit and healthy. These classes incorporate body weight exercises and a variety of equipment options that are provided. Classes are designed weekly, so your body will always be challenged and guessing, as opposed to doing the same exercises day after day after day. We offer a conventional Boot Camp, as well as a lower impact version that is designed for those who want to build strength at a lower intensity level.

WHEN – These one-hour classes are offered in 8-week sessions. Our next session runs from May 22 – July 14

Traditional Boot Camp – MWF at 5AM, 6AM, or 8AM

Intermediate Boot Camp – T/Th at 8AM

You do not have to strictly adhere to the class time that you register for. If you have a meeting one day (or you overslept!) and it works better for you to attend one of the other class times, just show up at that time!

WHY – Lose fat mass, tone muscles, increase strength and find accountability in the community!

HOW MUCH? – $160 for the Traditional Boot Camp; $100 for the Intermediate Boot Camp. Or drop-in for $10/class. Sign up by signing into your DK account and clicking on “Camps/Classes” under the “Scheduling” button in the toolbar at the top.


“I have loved my first round of boot camp and my only regret is that I didn’t sign up earlier. I am so much stronger and feel so much better than when I started. I have also met a great group of people that are so encouraging and fun to exercise with. I also enjoy that every class is different, I am constantly challenging myself and never feel bored with a workout. I have done a lot of group fitness classes in the past but this is by far my favorite!” – Traditional Boot Camp participant

“Boot Camp class is a blast! Hard work, but fun and a great way to meet people and make friends through supporting each other in reaching their goals.  10/10 recommend it.  You’ll be comfortable in the gym from Day One!  A friendly, upbeat way to start your day!” – Traditional Boot Camp participant

“Classes at DK sports are the best! The instructors take time to know each of us, our individual needs, and what we are wanting to gain from the class.  They are very good at details on each exercise, the proper way to do each so there are no injuries. And that’s not to mention the friendships formed and the laughs along the way!” – Intermediate Boot Camp participant

“I have always taken fitness classes of one kind or another all my adult life.  As I grow older, I see the real need to keep active and have physical strength.  Joining Boot Camp at DK Fitness has been so enjoyable! We are building strength and endurance through exercises and weights and having fun while we do it.  I have made new friends and love coming to class. An added benefit is that we are supportive of each other.  The instructors assist with accommodations for those who need it.  We work hard but also have fun in the meantime! I highly recommend this class!” – Intermediate Boot Camp participant


WHO – Senior citizens wanting to improve their physical and mental fitness

WHAT – Classes involve simple exercises that focus on improving balance, stability, joint range of motion, and management of chronic pain.

WHEN – These one-hour classes are offered on MWF from 9AM-10AM

WHY – To help you stay strong in body, mind and spirit. Regular physical activity keeps your heart, brain, bones, muscles and joints healthy and you get the social benefit of building community within your class.

HOW MUCH? – $50 for the 4-week session or drop-in for $10/class. Sign up by signing into your DK account and clicking on “Camps/Classes” under the “Scheduling” button in the toolbar at the top.