While DK instruction will certainly develop young ballplayers’ physical tools, such as proper mechanics, our mission is to ‘teach the game’ as players progress.  Ballgames are more often won by the team that is best mentally prepared.  Therefore, DK instructors will spend time with each ballplayer developing the mental side of their game so that they are best prepared to play at a higher level sooner.  Examples of this philosophy are defensive situational recognition, as well as understanding what pitch-count means to both the pitcher and hitter in a given situation.

We are excited to offer hitting, pitching and fielding instruction for area ballplayers.  Below is a brief overview of the types of instruction offered at this time:


We offer hitting instruction in 30- or 60-minute increments from former Cleveland Indian farmhand, Chris Kersten, and Chapman Head Baseball Coach, Judd Liebau.  Hitting instruction will include individualized workout plans designed to compliment and augment a developing athlete’s skillset.  We utilize Hittrax technology to analyze a hitter’s strengths and weaknesses using high-speed video analysis and a multitude of captured swing data.  For more information on Hittrax, click here.


Chris and Judd also provide instruction for infielder defensive skills.  Both instructors were college infielders and are well-suited to teach the finer points of fielding.  Fielding sessions are available in 30-minute increments. Emphasis of fielding instruction will be proper footwork, along with development of quicker, softer hands.


Baseball pitching instruction is available in 30- and 60-minute increments.  While pitching instruction is available to youth of all ages, it is recommended that pitching instruction begin no earlier than 10 years of age.  Baseball pitching instruction is provided by Judd Liebau.  Instruction will typically address pitching mechanics and will vary in complexity depending on each player’s current skill level.


Former college catcher, Steve Cavanaugh, is providing catching instruction ranging from proper blocking, to throwing runners out to properly receiving pitches.  You can bring you own gear or let us know and we can provide suitable catching gear for the lessons.


Chris Kersten will tap into his vast knowledge as an expert in athletic training and physical therapy to provide opportunities for athletes to improve their overall athleticism through a structured and focused program.  Training is offered in 30-minute increments.

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